Compact Birthing Baths


A compact birthing pool - Aquabirths

The Dunoon Compact Birth Bath

Where space is at a premium but there is to be no compromise on room for the birthing woman, these compact birthing baths are ideal. They provide the space and depth women need but can be squeezed into en-suite facilities or small spaces in birthing rooms.

The Dunoon is a rounded -square steep sided bath to give maximum space for the birthing woman. The lines are softened by the silk sheen surface and the gentle curves. It has a plug and chain waste plus external step included and is the best value bath of our entire range.

These baths are competitively priced so where budgets are tight, these baths offer a quality good value option. Indeed, some of our customers have found the prices so good that they have squeezed a Dunoon into their budget so they can have an extra birth bath on their unit.

We also manufacture a hook-on internal step/seat.  This is an optional extra and is best made wt the same time as the bath.


A spa-style bath for pain relief in labour and for birth

The Compact Spa-bath for Labour and Birth

The York Bath is an elliptical bath with a similar footprint to the Dunoon. Designed particularly for labouring and post-partum bathing it is all curves and comfort with fantastic lumber support for a reclining woman, but with the space and depth for a woman to comfortably kneel and lean over the side. This is the bath we would install in our homes, and provides a luxury every birthing woman deserves!


  • Everything included, the bath, the step and plug and chain are included in the kit, and in the price.
  • One-piece single surface construction makes these easy baths to keep clean and sterilised.
  • Designed from the plumbing up, so easy and robust to install and maintain.
  • Flexibility designed in, with these baths often being fitted into small spaces, talk to us about how we can help you make them fit!
  • Quality of product and service.Made in Britain in accordance with BS EN 14516 and HTM64 and the baths are guaranteed.  We manufacture quality and provide full customer care from first enquiry right through to delivery, installation and beyond.
  • Superior Material and Construction.The ‘single-surface’ construction which gives better hygiene and cleaning, also makes for stronger pool that does not need and expensive metal sub-structure.  Also, we use fibreglass because not only does it give a hard, smooth surface that is ideal for hygiene, it is very strong and much more suitable to the hospital environment than acrylic.  For example,fibreglass can be repaired should it be accidentally damaged, acrylic cannot.
  • Delivery and Installation Service:We offer a full service from designing a bath just for you, right through to delivery and installation. If you want to just buy a bath you can but we can also deliver and install or provide an onsite consultation or simply plumbing and installation support. Our service is about providing what you need to make a birthing pool work on your unit.